Believe It or Not… A Study Shows That Dancers Are the Worst Drivers

Believe It or Not… A Study Shows That Dancers Are the Worst Drivers

Based on the information gathered by, choreographers are the worst drivers on Britain’s roads. The list that they came up with included all sorts of professionals — from legal clerks to students — so it can be a pretty accurate measurement of how different professions compare with each other when it comes to road safety.

The people behind the website that gathered the information didn’t do it out of plain curiosity. is actually a site dedicated to car insurance comparison. That means that they have a direct interest in the information that they were able to get.

According to the information that they have gathered, the safest professionals (when it comes to driving) are dental technicians. That was based on the fact that they have the least number of convictions per mile driven. It was revealed that dental technicians could drive up to 120,000 miles before committing an offence.

So what ranks with choreographers as bad drivers? Surprisingly, teachers are almost as bad when it comes to driving on the road!

Emma Wall of The Telegraph has written a revealing article about this. Click here for more information.

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