London Confusion: Olympic Lanes Now Enforced in London

As part of the city's hosting of the Olympic Games, road restrictions are now being enforced on London roads to ensure that athletes, officials, and other participants of the games will have an easy time traveling around the city. These restrictions are now being put into place. There are over 30 miles of the so called Games Lanes within the city.The Games Lanes are just part of the 109 mile Olympic Route Network which is a greater network of [...]

Mysterious Increase in Traffic Deaths Leaves Everyone Clueless

Deaths resulting from traffic accidents on American roads saw an increase in the first quarter of 2012. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  That government agency has been keeping track of the fatalities resulting from traffic related accidents since the mid-70s. They reported that about 7,630 people were killed in the first quarter of the year.The increase is significant since it is the second highest spike since they started compiling the related data. It is [...]

Our Population is Aging and So Are Our Drivers. What Can We Do?

With the American population aging, the number of senior citizens who are driving on the road is naturally bound to get larger as well. Statistics are showing that more than 20 million American drivers are seniors in their 70s already! The problem is that the older drivers are getting the higher the risks of them becoming involved in some accident.It has been shown that seniors are second to teenagers when it comes to being involved in accidents. This is [...]

More Black Box in EU Cars Will Help Decrease Their Rates

Car insurance premiums in the European Union are on the rise. The prices are being jacked up by the smaller insurance companies. In the past two years they have been increasing their prices by almost thirty per cent!Though the companies that are starting these price increases are the smaller ones their actions do have a domino effect on the larger companies. So overall, the European car owner is having a hard time finding affordable car insurance.They are turning to [...]

Teens Are More Likely to be Involved in Reckless Driving – Studies Show

Studies indicate that younger drivers are the ones most likely to become involved in fatal car crashes in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated in a report that people aged from 15 to 24 account for about 22% of the fatalities involved in motor vehicle accidents.The study also indicates that fatal car crashes are more likely to occur in the Southern part of the United States. Though the study did not include the [...]

Believe It or Not… A Study Shows That Dancers Are the Worst Drivers

Based on the information gathered by, choreographers are the worst drivers on Britain's roads. The list that they came up with included all sorts of professionals -- from legal clerks to students -- so it can be a pretty accurate measurement of how different professions compare with each other when it comes to road safety.The people behind the website that gathered the information didn't do it out of plain curiosity. is actually a site dedicated to car [...]