49ers Player Demarcus Dobbs: DUI and Drug Possession Charges

California Highway Patrol (CHP) - San Francisco 49ers player Demarcus Dobbs could be charged in the next few days with driving under the influence (DUI) and marijuana possession. According to CHP spokesman Officer D.J. Sarabia, Dobbs, who just turned 25 last Friday, was arrested for suspicion of DUI and possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, both misdemeanors, after crashing his car in Santa Clara.The CHP has been working on a report about the incident and Sarabia said it [...]

Man Charged for Reckless Driving After Trying to Pull Over Cop

Steve McClain is facing a charge for reckless driving after rolling up alongside a Detroit police officer and demanding where the officer’s seatbelt was. He did this with his home video camera on, and now he’s facing possible legal repercussions for his action.The video that McClain himself has taken clearly shows that the police officer was peering out the patrol car’s window while the man who was handling the camera - who happened to be McClain - shouted to [...]

Man from Ohio’s DUI Arrest Originated from Reckless Driving

A man from Ohio was hit with four counts of DUI charges. It occurred over the weekend and the police said that it all happened after he recklessly drove in the borough. The man was identified as Ramon Sanchez, 54. He is now facing a multitude of DUI charges – four counts of DUI, with a count each of actually disregarding the traffic lane where he was driving and for careless driving. It all came from the incident that happened [...]

Teens Are More Likely to be Involved in Reckless Driving – Studies Show

Studies indicate that younger drivers are the ones most likely to become involved in fatal car crashes in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated in a report that people aged from 15 to 24 account for about 22% of the fatalities involved in motor vehicle accidents.The study also indicates that fatal car crashes are more likely to occur in the Southern part of the United States. Though the study did not include the [...]

Driving Tips during Winter Season

Winter is the season that requires the most care and preparation from people. With this weather condition, it can make road trips stressful, so you might want to consider the tips below to stay safe on your journey.Know your route and keep abreast of weather conditions. You can call and seek an advice on the Department of Transportation road-condition hotlines. When the weather is chilly, dehydration might seem unlikely so drink plenty of water. Your body needs more nourishment in cold [...]

Safety Driving Tips for Halloween Holiday

Halloween is a holiday that means fun for a lot of people. However, with the with increased foot traffic and little trick-or-treaters out during that special night, the potential for accidents that are automobile related with young pedestrians is increased four times over in this particular night, this is according to a Centers for Disease Control study.Consider the following tips below to keep your children and the children of others safe this Halloween.For trick-or-treaters and parents:Never go inside a [...]

Paparazzis Accuse Shakira and Pique of Reckless Driving

Celebrity couple Shakira and Pique have been accused by the local Paparazzi photographers in Spain of reckless driving. They say that the couple is putting their lives and the lives of photographers in danger with their over speeding.The most recent incident happened in Barcelona, when they went out to dinner with Pique’s family.  The couple was reported to have gone off in a speed of about 180 kilometres per hour in order to evade the lenses of the paparazzi [...]

Boy in Reckless Driving Charge

A 14 year old boy is being charged with reckless driving and speeding in Bismarck N.D., after crashing into a house.  Police officers say that the boy lost control of the vehicle that he was driving when he made a turn at the corner and it crashed into a house. Good thing no one was injured since the vehicle crashed into the basement which happened to be unoccupied at the time.The boy has been taken to a hospital because [...]

CHP Participate on National Teen Safe Driving Week 2012

One of the leading causes of deaths annually in the United States and in the state of California is traffic collicion. Thousands of young drivers along with their passengers are killed in the collisions that happen each year. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be joining the 6th Annual National Teen Driver Safety Week on October 14-20, 2012 to help bring awareness to the car accidents problem.According to CHP, there were over 57,000 drivers between the ages of 16 [...]

Driving Tips for Rainy Days

NBC4 Washington reported a notable multi-car crash that happened because of heavy rain and driver error last October 5, 2012. It involved 47 cars that caused 52 people to be transported to hospitals. Among the 52 people injured, 2 of them were seriously injured although there were no fatalities, reported NBC4.Injury lawyer Michael S. Steinger explained, “When roads are wet and visibility is lower, motorists can more easily lose control of their vehicles.”Injury lawyer Steinger offers some useful safety [...]